Ski touring

Ski touring paradise of the Dachstein plateau

All ski touring options on the Dachstein plateau open up from the Krippenstein mountain station. The following ski tour suggestions are just a small excerpt from the huge area available to you for ascent and descent. From relaxed half-day tours to multi-day ski tours, your fitness alone is the limit!

Tip: Are you lookg for a great gift for your loved ones? A free day of skiing or a snowshoe tour, for example, is the perfect gift for all mountain fans.

Ski tour Heilbronner Trail

Marked ski tour at Dachstein Krippenstein

The easy ski tour leads from the Krippenstein mountain station past the Dachstein shark and Heilbronner Cross to the station Gjaid - the tour is marked. A MUST for all ski touring fans :-)

Is the Heilbronner trail open?
Our overview of the open facilities shows whether the ski touring trail is accessible (open)

PS: By the way, the Heilbronner trail can also be walked on with snowshoes!

*PLEASE NOTE! Ski tour in alpine terrain, i.e. not groomed and not secured/controlled! AND off-piste always "Safety First"!


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Heilbronner Runde
Ski touring at Dachstein plateau

Off piste with guide!

We advise all ski tour fans, who are donning their furs for the first time at Krippenstein-Dachstein, to be taken safely through the mountains by ski tour guide. Expert partners:

Trained, state qualified ski and mountain guides take you safely through the landscape, provide tips on technique and avalanche awareness and show you the nicest places on the Krippenstein and Dachstein - and of course the best ski runs!

Easy ski tours

(Half-day tours, some are also suitable as snow-shoe tours)

World heritage-panoramic view – Pioneer Cross: Krippenstein mountain station (2100 m) - Heilbronner Chapel/Krippenstein summit – Pioneer Cross/World heritage-panoramic view (2034 m), same return journey, time approx. 1.5 hours; also suitable as a snow-shoe tour

Heilbronner Cross: Krippenstein mountain station (2100 m) – via the Margschierf to the Heilbronner Kreuz (1959 m) – further on to Gjaidalm (1805 m), time approx. 2.5 hours, also suitable as a snow-shoe tour (possible ski tour variant: from Heilbronner Kreuz to the Speikberg 2125 m, approx. 1.5 hrs more).

Wiesberghaus: Krippenstein mountain station (2100 m) – Gjaidalm (1805 m) – Bärengasse – Wiesberghaus (1872 m), same return journey, time approx. 3.5 hours,  also suitable as a snow-shoe tour

Modereck-Maisenbergalm: Krippenstein mountain station (2100 m) - Margschierf (2080 m) – Maisenbergalm (1850 m) – Modereck (2000 m) - Gjaidalm (1805 m), Time approx. 3-4 hours, only for those who know  the area or with a guide!

Zwölferkogl: Bergstation Krippenstein mountain station (2100 m) – Gjaidalm (1805 m) – via Tiefkar to Zwölferkogl (1979 m), same return journey to Gjaidalm, time approx. 4 hours


Ski rental Dachsteinsport Janu

Good equipment (avalanche transceiver, helmet, rucksack with snow shovel, avalanche probe and First aid kit) is an absolute "must have" in the terrain!

Ski rental Dachstein sport Janu ready-stocked freeride rucksack, skins, helmets etc. can be conveniently borrowed!

Day ski tours

Simonyhütte: Station Gjaid der Dachstein Krippenstein-Seilbahn (1.788 m) – Oberfeld (1.832 m) - Simonyhütte (2.203 m) - Gjaidalm (1.805 m), Gehzeit ca. 4,5 - 5 Stunden gesamt

Rumpler-Tour: Station Gjaid der Dachstein Krippenstein-Seilbahn (1.788 m) – Oberfeld (1.832 m) – Rumpler (2.022 m) – Moderstein (2.197 m) – Mitterstein (2.269 m) - Hunerkogel (2.700 m) – Dachsteinwarte (2.720 m) – Hallstätter Gletscher – Simonyhütte (2.203 m) – Gjaidalm (1.805 m), Gehzeit ca. 6 Stunden

Hirzberg/Ödensee/Bad Mitterndorf: Bergstation Krippenstein (2.100 m) – Heilbronner Kreuz (1.959 m) – Napfenkogel (2.032 m), Hirzberg (2.051 m) – Hochfinet (1.808 m) – Hocheck – Finetstube (1.242 m) – Ödensee (776 m) – Kainisch, Gehzeit ca. 6 Stunden, Rücktransport organisieren, nur für Ortskundige oder mit Führer!

Note Rumpler: Lift facilities on Dachstein glacier no longer in operation. Latest info Dachstein glacier :

Difficulty day-long ski tour!

Simonyhütte with a descent to Hallstatt: Station Gjaid at the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car (1788 m) – Simonyhütte (2203 m) – descent via Wiesberghaus (1882 m) to Hallstatt/Echerntal (510 m). Duration approx. 4-5 hours, some difficult descending (a total of around 15 km) to Hallstatt

Guttenberghaus/Ramsau: Station Gjaid at the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car (1788 m) – Guttenberghaus (2148 m) – descent to Ramsau (1123 m), duration approx. 4-5 hours, organise return transport

Hoher Trog: Station Gjaid at the Krippenstein cable car (1788 m) – Simonyhütte (2203 m) – Hoher Trog (2354 m) – Weittal - descent to Hallstatt. Duration approx. 6 hours, difficulty descents in parts!

Edelgrieß/Südwandbahn Ramsau: Station GJaid at the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car (1788 m) – Oberfeld (1832 m) – Rumpler (2022 m) – Moderstein (2197 m) – Mitterstein (2269 m) - Hunerkogel (2700 m) – descent via the variant Edelgrieß (45 % slope in parts) to the valley station of the "Gletscherbahn" (1700 m). Duration approx. 4-5 hours; (alternative: ascent to Hunerkogel  and descent via the Gjaidalm (1805 m) to Obertraun)


Current Weather data

Get the latest weather data from the Krippenstein peak on our weather website. Best informed:

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  • In Winter: snow depth

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Inexperienced people and those who are not familiar with the area are strongly advised to head out with a mountain guide or someone who is familiar with the area. In spite of the ease of accessibility to the Dachstein plateau via chairlifts please do not forget that you are in high Alpine terrain!

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast, all tours should only be undertaken when visibility is good.

  • Bring emergency equipment with you (avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe, shovel, First Aid kit and a mobile phone)!

  • Use of tour equipment and bringing furs with you is required for the tours listed.

Safety First backcountry / off piste!