World Heritage spiral

Panoramic view to the Dachstein

The viewing platform 'World Heritage spiral' is certainly exciting – in addition to the fantastic views from the spectacular aluminium ‘ship’, you will also find a photo point and comfortable relaxing recliners here. Ideal for enjoyment and day-dreaming!

The Welterbespirale on the 2,100 m peak of the Krippenstein is just a few minutes away from the mountain station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car. It can be accessed via an easy and well established trail – alongside the 5fingers - the spectacular viewing platform with 360 degree panoramic view to the Dachstein in the Salzkammergut. 

Opening times

The World Heritage spiral platform on the Krippenstein is open in the summer season during the operating times of section 2 of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car!

Summer 2024: from 11.05.2024 to 03.11.2024

Relax loungers

Before starting your descent, you should try a spot of sunbathing on one of our popular wooden relax loungers.

Or why not pay a visit to the World Heritage view and savour the fantastic views of the glacier and surrounding mountain panorama.

The World Heritage spiral is also a popular photo point, where you can take a proof summit photo or selfie of yourself and your fellow hikers and send it to your friends, family and loved ones at home or share it via social media channels.

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Hike to Welterbespirale

  • Starting point = mountain station Krippenstein (section 2)

  • Walking time = approx. 15 minutes

  • Difficulty = easy hike, suitable for children

    The short hike from the cable car mountain station to the World Heritage spiral includes another viewing platform, the World Heritage view above the Lodge am Krippenstein, which offers a fantastic view to the Dachstein glacier. 

TIP: From the Welterbespirale you can continue the hike to the viewing platform 5fingers and the Pionier Cross, which you can reach in about 10 to 15 minutes.  Enjoy the breathtaking views of Hallstatt and the Inner Salzkammergut.