Group ski ticket 2023/2024

A day of skiing at Feuerkogel is even more fun together! With the attractive offers for travel, bus and school groups, the day in the snow is even more fun :-)

Note: The group tariffs apply to groups of 20 people or more, and there is also one free ticket for every 20 paid ski tickets. Ski tickets for groups are only available at the Feuerkogel cash desk and can be reserved in advance

Bus & tour groups 2023/2024

Valid: 23.12.2023 - 01.04.2024
3 Stunden
4 Stunden
5 Stunden
1 Tag
1,5 Tage
2 Tage
2,5 Tage
3 Tage
4 Tage
5 Tage
6 Tage
7 Tage
8 Tage
9 Tage
10 Tage

Gross price in Euro | Winter season 2023-2024 | Available: cash desk Obertraun

Bus group info

  • The ski tickets are valid for bus & travel groups of 20 or more people with ski tickets purchased together with the same validity through a tour guide.

  • In addition, we grant one free ticket for every 20 paid ski tickets (21st, 42nd,...). No further discounts possible.

School groups 2023/2024

Valid: 23.12.2023 - 01.04.2024
3 hoursstudent*22.90
4 hoursstudent*24.60
5 hoursstudent*25.80
1 daystudent*26.80
2 daysstudent*52.70
3 daysstudent*79.10
4 daysstudent*105.30
5 daysstudent*124.20
6 daysstudent*140.50
7 daysstudent*162.10

Gross price in Euro | Winter season 2023-2024 | Available: Feuerkogel | *Student = D.O.B. 2005 to 2017

School groups info

  • A school ski course group is a closed group of students who complete a ski course as part of a school event.

  • Ski tickets can only be issued upon presentation of a name list with date of birth issued by the school or school authority (signature and stamp).

  • The ski ticket is issued for students born between 2006 and 2018 and only for student courses as part of lessons for 10 or more people.

  • For every 10 ski tickets purchased together, one authorized companion is granted a free pass. Other accompanying persons receive ski tickets at the adult group rate.

Have you questions on tickets?

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Phone: +43 50 140

PS: Don't forget to provide family ID proof.

General Terms

  • Prices in euros, including 10% VAT! Subject to price changes due to possible VAT raises. Valid winter season 2023/2024.

  • Year of birth stipulations:

    • Youth: D.O.B 2005 to 2007

    • Child: D.O.B 2008 to 2017

    • Children born 2018 and after receive a free pass when they are accompanied by an adult (‘Family ID’ required). Age is to be proven with an official form of ID.

  • For ski ticket from 5 days a photo is required.

  • 1.5 and. 2.5 day ticket: Afternoon + 1 or 2-day ski ticket, or 1 or 2-day ski ticket + morning.

  • Dog: Dogs are required to wear a muzzle and use of dog leashes. Tariff per dog: EUR 10.90

  • Deposit for the Keycard: € 2.00. 

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