Open facilities

Up-to-date and in real-time

This is where you can find up-to-the-minute information about the current status on open cable cars and trails to the viewing platforms Please check the general information boards again on site since the situation may of course change.

Cable cars Dachstein Krippenstein

StatusName of lift
A1 Dachstein Krippenstein Seilbahn Teilstrecke I
A2 Dachstein Krippenstein Seilbahn Teilstrecke II
A3 Dachstein Krippenstein Seilbahn Teilstrecke III
C 4er-Sessellift Krippenstein
D Übungslift
E Gjaidstationslift
F Gjaidalmlift

Kinderland - conveyor belts

StatusName of lift
G Krippi-Park

Viewing platforms

Trails to the viewing platforms

StatusSki slopes
Winterwanderweg Nr. 1: Welterbespirale
Schneeschuhtrail Nr. 2: 5fingers
Schneeschuhtrail Nr. 3: Dachstein-Hai

Hiking trail

StatusSki slopes
Heilbronner Runde
Panorama map Dachstein Krippenstein