NATURSCHAUSPIEL Fascination Dachstein

09:20 - 15:30
Obertraun: Dachstein Krippenstein
A unique NATURAL SPECTACLE in the majestic high mountains at Dachstein Krippenstein: Guided hike "Fascination Dachstein" by Martha!

The Dachstein plateau is a fascinating high mountain landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness. The forces of nature have shaped the karst plateau over millions of years, as evidenced by the numerous fossilisations and karst formations. Even today, rainwater still has an erosive effect on the water-soluble limestone. In this NATURSCHAUSPIEL we explore in detail which typical karst forms are created in the process.

As the water drains almost entirely through countless fissures and crevices in the rock, the dry surface has produced a highly specialised plant world that blooms particularly intensively and colourfully during the short vegetation period. It stands in stark contrast to the rocky desert, as do the many Dachstein mountain pastures that once existed here. They have long since ceased to be used, the bush encroachment is progressing, the huts have fallen into disrepair or only the foundations of the huts are still visible. Nevertheless, you can still recognise the traces of a once flourishing alpine pasture economy, which for thousands of years supplied the prehistoric Hallstatt with its salt mines with alpine products.

The numerous sensory perceptions of this barren high mountain landscape are inspiring and release energy and creativity. Like many representatives of art and science, we surrender to the magic and allow ourselves to be inspired, be it by the immense generosity of the landscape or the world of shapes of the mountains, which seem immobile and timeless, as if they were depicting eternity, or by the train of clouds, which mix with the feeling of infinite freedom and eternal longing for the distant and the unknown.

Afterwards, you have free time to visit the ‘World Heritage spiral’ on the Krippenstein or the ‘5fingers’ with the breathtaking view of Hallstatt and lake Hallstatt, as well as the exhibition ‘The Dachstein in Climate Change’ in the museum on the Schönbergalm.

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Guided hiking tour

  • Meeting point: 9:20 am vallay station Dachstein Krippenstein cable car

  • Begin: 9:30 am (cable car ascent)

  • Characteristics: Family-friendly hike on wider paths and alpine climbs with a few ascents and descents

    Requirements: Sure-footedness, easy to moderately difficult hike

    Walking time: approx.3 to 3,5 hours, total duration approx. 5 hours

  • End: approx. 3:30 pm

Registration at Martha Rieß absolutely necessary! 


Cable car ticket + guided tour
AdultPrice / person€ 79.00
YouthPrice / person€ 59.00
Child (10-14 year)Price / person€ 44.00

Gross price in Euro | Please contact Martha Rieß for information on group & school tariffs and price guide.

Right equipment

  • backpack

  • sturdy hiking boots

  • hiking clothes

  • beanie / cap, gloves

  • sunglasses and sun cream

  • rain protection

Do not forget! Pack enough drink and a snack in your backpack.

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