with an exclusive view of the lake

Paragliding with a view of the lake

The Krippenstein rises impressively up above Salzkammergut and doesn’t just offer the perfect view for winter athletes on snowboards. From the summit of the Krippenstein down to Hallstätter See the most spectacular views open up for paragliders - and the most challenging of gliding stages.

Around the Dachstein Glacier, paragliders will find any amount of mountains suitable for paragliding and options for flying, in the safety training centre at Sky Club Austria, providing the ideal training conditions for pilots of every ability level, and also with the unbelievable backdrop of the Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein.

The Krippenstein is an exclusive terrain for Sky Club Austria Flying School. Course participants have priority at the launch site, with an uninterrupted area to practise above the water and their own landing strip on the lake.

There is scarcely any more ideal place for flights to carry out safety training courses - the starting altitude for exercises above the lake is more than 1000 m, Hallstättersee is protected from the wind thanks to its location in the basin and the starting and landing strips in Krippenstein/Hallstättersee are spacious and well looked-after.

Details can be found on the Skyclub Austria website!

Twin pack

Sky Club Austria

Incidentally Skyclub also offers tandem jumps for all daredevils! So – up into the mountain, smile for the photo - and jump into the air!