A mountain experience with great views:

Hiking on the Dachstein mountain plateau.

Hiking on Dachstein

The beautiful Salzkammergut is ideally suited for hiking tours of all difficulty levels and the Dachstein mountain plateau in particular offers a wide range of hiking routes for all the family – from exciting walks with disabled access to mountain tours lasting several hours at 3,000 m!

The Dachstein world of hiking offers endless enjoyable hiking routes from the Koppental valley of the river Traun to the mountain plateau of the Dachstein with its many peaks in addition to challenging mountain and climbing tours. Perfectly accessible educational trails extend from the Obertraun valley station to the glacier region at 3,000 m, combining exciting information about the surroundings with a relaxed hiking atmosphere.

In the mountains as in the valley, visitors can enjoy a wide range of gastronomy ranging from restaurants with all-inclusive offers to down-to-earth inns and traditional mountain huts, the ideal places to stop off for some rest and relaxation. So drop by and enjoy a snack!

Dachstein Salzkammergut WeltNATURerbeblick

WeltNATURerbeblick viewing platform
 Difficulty: easy, disabled access, suitable for wheelchairs
 Walk time: 5 minutes from the mountain station
 From the Krippenstein mountain station, turn right along a comfortable footpath with no altitude difference until you reach the WeltNATURerbeblick
viewing platform.
Views: East to the ‘Am Stein’ karst-land area, South to the Schladminger glacier, Hoher Gjaidstein, Dachstein peak, Hallstatt glacier and Simonyhütte hut.

Dachstein Welterbespirale

Difficulty: easy
Walk time: 15 minutes
From the mountain station via the WeltNATURerbeblick viewing platform to the Welterbespirale and back via the Heilbronner memorial chapel.

Dachstein 5fingers

Difficulty: easy, accessible by pushchair
Walk time: approx. 25 minutes from the mountain station, back from the 5fingers to the mountain station approx. 30 minutes.
From the WeltNATURerbeblick viewing platform (see above for route description), the route leads on to the 5fingers. Short ascent to the turn-off to the Welterbespirale then down with views of the Trauntal valley (Hallstättersee lake) and Hallstatt to the 5fingers.
Tip for return journey: back to the turn-off to the Welterbespirale (highly recommended 360 degree all-round views!), on return journey visit to the Heilbronner memorial chapel, back to the mountain station or on to the Lodge (stop-off possible).


Dachstein Koppenbrüller cave hiking route

Footpath via the Koppenwinklalm to the Koppenbrüller Cave
Difficulty: easy
Walk time 1.5 hours 
From the car park at the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car valley station via a forest road into the Koppenwinkl nature protection area and on to the Koppenwinklalm, past the Koppenwinkllacke lake to the Gasthaus Koppenrast guesthouse and from here on to the Koppenbrüller Cave.

Dachstein Heilbronner circular trail

Heilbronner circular route
Difficulty: medium, mountain walk
Walk time: approx. 3 hours overall
From the Krippenstein mountain station, turn left for a short distance down the ski piste then at the signpost turn left to the East and on over the marked trail, reaching the Heilbronner Cross in approx. 1.5 hours. From the Heilbronner Cross continue on via the Hirzkar to the Gjaidalm cable car station or for another 10 minutes to the Gjaidalm (stop-off possible).


Dachstein mountain hut

The Heilbronner circular route and Nature Trail run into the mountains. The weather can change quickly here so please take protection against the sun, rain and cold as well as a small snack and plenty of drinks with you! Robust hiking or mountain shoes are essential!


Dachstein Nature Trail

Dachstein Nature Trail
Difficulty: medium, mountain tour
Walk time: from the Gjaidalm cable car (valley station section III) and back approx. 6 hours

The Dachstein Nature Trail leads over the Dachstein mountain plateau and through the Dachstein nature protection area (European protection area Natura 2000 and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt – Dachstein – Salzkammergut). Signposts along the way explain the special features of the karst, fauna, flora and karst drainage.

From the Gjaidalm cable car station via the Gjaidalm-Hütte hut and on to the Wiesberghaus (walk time approx. 2 hours), altitude difference approx. 140 m. From the Wiesberghaus on the Nature Trail in approx. 1.5 hours (altitude difference 330 m) to the Simonyhütte hut. Back the same way or via the Taubenkar to the Gjaidalm.

The Dachstein Nature Trail leads across an extensive karst mountain plateau within the unspoilt mountain landscape. This is characterised by impressive karst forms, varied flora and fauna and the eastern glaciers of the Alps. The educational trail runs from the Gjaidalm via the Wiesberghaus and on to the Simonyhütte hut. Here, walkers can learn all about the geology and plant and animal life of the Dachstein plateau as well as the theme of karst landscapes on special panels. Overall, the trail is 8 km long and easily accessible by all. Shelter huts await tired walkers at regular intervals.

Gjaidalm on the Dachstein

Gjaidalm - Dachsteinblick
Altitude difference approx. 50 m, proposed hiking route approx. 3 km, walk time approx. 1.5 hours in total. 
From the Gjaidstation (3rd section of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car), we walk along a beautiful trail to the Gjaidalm. From here, it’s past the Schilcherhaus towards the Zwölferkogl with views of the Dachstein. Relax on a bench or savour nature with magnificent views of the Dachstein and Hallstatt Glacier! On the journey back, you can enjoy a stop-off at the Gjaidalm.

Tip: Obertraun hiking in Autumn

hiking - Wanderherbst Obertraun

From 11 August to 26 October, you can enjoy special moments on the mountain with hiking in Obertraun: from moonlit walks to sunrise trips and challenges guided tours!
Information on hiking in Obertraun.

Dachstein and Hallstätter glacier

Taubenkogel (2,301 m)
Altitude difference approx. 550 m, proposed waking route approx. 7 km incl. ascent and descent, walk time approx. 5 hours in total
A Dachstein walk with a special charm which can be completed by any experienced mountain walker despite its high mountain characteristics (the Taubenkogel is 2,301 m high). The Gjaidstation of the Dachstein-Krippensteinbahn railway serves as the starting point. We walk along the established climb towards Oberfeld (barracks and mountain station of the armed forces cable car) and on for another approx. 10 mins towards the Wiesberghaus/Simonyhütte. At the turn-off to the Taubenkogel/Gjaidstein, we turn off onto route no. 615. This follows a gentle incline through the magnificent mountain pines and Alpine rose bushes (main blossoming season is July) to the back of the Niederer Rumpler (1,975m). 

The craggy and dangerous-looking North wall of the Taubenkogel stretches out in-front and is now to be tackled. But don’t be afraid – after a good hour or so of hiking, a winding trail leads along a mountain slope up to the saddle of the Taubenkogel. Depending on the time of year, you may encounter small patches of snow where particular care should be exercised. Magnificent Alpine flora can be viewed along the entire trail in peak Summer.

Located on a shoulder, the peak of the Dachstein with its glacier extends out in all its splendour. The half hour walk to the peak is easy to complete. A large summit cross invites walkers to take a well-deserved rest here!