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Perfect powder on the Krippenstein

There are more than 30 kilometres of freeride variants and powder routes, and a full 1500 metres of altitude difference for you in Krippenstein. Its reputation of being the ultimate in off-piste pleasure on the Dachstein plateau has become recognised far beyond the borders of  the Salzkammergut, and brings in freeriders and powder snow fans from all over the world.

Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut region has been chosen as a hot spot for the freerider scene by the magazine SnowPlanet – pushing great names such as Cortina, St. Moritz and the Arlberg into the minor positions!  Freeride superstar Pep Fujas described Krippenstein in an interview as "one of my top 5 resorts in the world" and the area won an award in the ski area test. Any more questions ;)))?

The Schönberg, Angeralm, Imisl and Eisgrube variants fill freeriders on skis or snowboards with enthusiasm, and have made  Krippenstein a freeride hot spot! From the rocky ridges to the deep forests, perfect conditions to really enjoy the powder snow reign. There is a full 1500 m altitude difference which provides ski terrain which is rich in diversity, where freeriders – away from any restriction – can experience unrestricted freedom.

HOWEVER: Those who don’t know the routes like the back of their hand, should not try their luck alone or leave vague route descriptions, rather, they should head off piste with a guide. Please note the safety tips, Krippenstein and the Dachstein plateau can be extremely dangerous!

Safe fun!

Safe fun

The guides from Outdoor Leadership know the best routes, the freshest powder snow and the most perfect ski runs. Experienced guides don’t just make it possible for you to have perfect fun, they also save you from the treacherous dangers of the high Alpine terrain!
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