Winter hiking

Relaxed on the Krippenstein

winter hiking
Fantastic views!

Winter hiking on the Krippenstein means investigating the romantic winter wonderland in a relaxed manner on tiptoes – or tramping through the sweat-inducing high snow! There are a variety of opportunities - and in the cosy lodges in Krippenstein you’ll hardly miss out on a "stop-off"!

Giving tour tips is a difficult undertaking! The options are too varied, the Dachstein plateau is too big and a small website can only provide a soupcon of the impression of the superb 360 degree panorama!

Many of the tour tips for snow-shoeing can also be done without putting tennis rackets on your feet – yet they can be demanding, when the Krippenstein unleashes its full power, which fresh snow can do in just a short time ...

Our tip is quite simple – go up, hike or go to a lodge, be amazed at the panorama and then go back home overwhelmed and satisfied ;))). At times it is foggy in the valley the whole day long and up here the sun shines at its most resplendent, the Krippenstein also makes a good viewing mountain.

And one really hot tip – watch the sunset on the lodge terrace, as the sun which is going down is reflected on the sparkling glacier – simply unbelievable, that’s a promise!!


Die Sonne genießen am Krippenstein.

The ticket for winter hikers and sunbathers - only ascent and descent with the cable car selections I, II, III

Adult: 30.70 | Youth: 27.50 | Children: 16.90