Safety tips:

Walking made easy on the Dachstein!

Want to ensure you walk safely? Of course! Walking with children is fun! To ensure that you and your children return home safe and sound, you will find some of the best and most important tips for a safe mountain tour for all the family here. These tips have been compiled by the ‘Du und die Gefahr’ association for greater child safety!

Top hiking tips when planning a route:

  • Plan your tour accurately and adapt the route to the weakest member of the group.
  • A route for children should be varied and not too long or steep.
  • Take regular breaks at the mountain huts, viewing platforms, lakes or other attractions.
  • When hiking with children, playgrounds, animal enclosures, brooks and some climbing walls make great stop-off points.
  • You can motivate children en route with little games, hiking songs and competitions (e.g. who can find the best hiking stick?)
  • Stick to the marked trails for your own safety and to respect and protect the animal and plant life. Always use the proper equipment.
  • Robust hiking shoes with a good grip are essential. They give you a good grip on slippery and uneven surfaces. Water-repellent or resistant shoes can also be beneficial if you need to cross a brook.
  • Break in new shoes beforehand – blisters can spoil your enjoyment of a walk.
  • Clothing should be adapted to the weather. Multiple thin layers enable you to react to changes in the weather.
  • Do not forget your rain clothing, even in good Summer weather. The weather can change quickly and unpredictably in the mountains.
  • Sun protection is an essential part of any hiking kit. The intensity of the sun’s UV rays increases with altitude.
  • If taking small children hiking, you should be able to carry them if needed. Some great child carrier equipment is available. Pushchairs and buggies are only suitable for secure and less steep trails.

Backpack essentials:

  • Plenty of drinks, ideally something warm in a thermos flask
  • A light health snack, e.g. fruit, vegetables, bread, muesli bar, biscuits
  • Emergency pack with torch, matches or lighter and a first aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Mobile phone – call mountain rescue on 140 or the European emergency number 112 (remove SIM card from telephone first) for help
  • Walking maps
  • For younger children: spare clothing – even in sunny weather, a trip to a brook can result in wet clothing!
  • For younger children: a cuddly toy suitable for the mountain environment
  • For younger children: sweet treats for critical situations!

Environmentally-friendly hiking!


Take any empty bottle or packets back down to the valley with you or discard them in the bins provided. Adults should act as role models!

Equipped for an emergency!

  • A mobile phone could save your life in an emergency.
  • Check that it is fully charged before you start the walk and note that you have access to all networks in an emergency. Make sure you understand the operating instructions for your mobile phone. You can contact mountain rescue on 140 or call the European emergency number 112.
  • Let friends, relatives or the hotel know your planned tour route and duration as well as your mobile phone number. 
  • Trust the experiences of locals, mountain guides and wardens in terms of the route details and weather forecasts.
  • Check the weather forecast. It’s not just the temperature, rain and sunshine which are important – the wind and visibility conditions are also crucial.
  • Thick fog and gathering cloud can have a massive impact on visibility in a short space of time, making it difficult to orient yourself. 



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