Spectacular viewing platforms, breath-taking caves:

Welcome to Dachstein in Salzkammergut!

Dachstein Ice Cave
Dachstein Five Fingers

Dachstein in Salzkammergut offers everything your heart desires and promises days packed with nature experiences and lasting memories. The no. 1 destination in Salzkammergut impresses all the family!

Discover the fairytale world of the Ice cave and follow in the footsteps of the cave researchers through the Mammut Cave and Koppenbrüller Cave.
 Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins on the 
5fingers viewing platform and relax with a comfortable walk to the Heilbronner Cross

These and other exciting attractions such as the Cave Museum Park at the Schönbergalm,  stop-off points with delicious regional treats and plenty of space to left off steam and re-charge your batteries can all be found in Dachstein in Salzkammergut!

Whatever you decide, Dachstein is sure to captivate you with its magical charm!

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