New Highlight on the Heilbronn Circular Trail:

Dachstein shark.

The king of the primeval ocean is back! The Dachstein shark is the latest attraction on the Heilbronn circular trail and provides visitors with a glimpse into the pre-historic past of the Dachstein Massif.

Marvel and take a look at this impressive, primeval hunter in the midst of what was its hunting area in days gone by. Take a look from the jaws of the Dachstein shark and get a fantastic view of the fossilised primeval seabed; in addition to the Dachstein glacier this makes a popular backdrop for taking a photo.

From the mountain station for the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car hike for around 1/2 hour on the extensively developed Heilbronn circular trail to get to the Heilbronn Cross and the Dachstein shark, which has been created by the Deubler company in Bad Goisern; you can even walk inside it. After going up the ladder, visitors can take a look at Dachstein's early sea bed from the jaws of the shark.

The Dachstein shark has returned to its former stomping ground and will be the new 'HAI-Light' (highlight) in Obertraun from 6th August 2013. A helicopter, the Kamov KA32 A12 - 2 x 2190 HP, unladen weight 6.5 tonnes - pulled the new visitor magnet, the DACHSTEIN SHARK, out of Lake Hallstättersee, it was flown to the mountain, immediately installed and opened to visitors.

The Dachstein shark demonstrates that the Dachstein massif was itself covered by sea water millions of years ago and there was even a pre-historic shark at that time - it has been called the ice shark. During a hike on the Heilbronn circular trail, from the mountain station for the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car which takes you up to 2100 metres altitude, right up to the Dachstein shark, there are still a lot of fossils, fossilised crustaceans and deposits in the rocks from the primordial ocean today, giving visitors a glimpse into the pre-historic past of Dachstein and how it came into being.

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